Our Mission

Nomad Training Systems is an evidence-based powerlifting and bodybuilding coaching service, by and for the strength and physique athlete. Our mission is to serve the strength and physique community with integrity, purpose, and wisdom, and to be a catalyst for the fulfillment of potential that exists in- and outside of our athletes' competitive endeavors.

We do not utilize the word "team" lightly, and as such, it is the responsibility of we who represent Team Nomad to exemplify characteristics and values we believe are cornerstones not only of successful athletes, but successful humans. It is our belief that the manifestation of true strength and physique achievement is emergent from the qualities and attributes developed along athletes' journeys, not their destinations.

We believe in providing an evidence-driven process; we believe in knowledge and critical awareness; and we believe in building relationships. It is our privilege to take part in the realization of your journey.



Justin Parel, MS

My name is Justin, and I am the founder and head coach of Nomad Training Systems, LLC. I hold a master's degree in Kinesiology with an Exercise Physiology concentration from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where I focused my academic interests on protein metabolism in athletes. I have had the opportunity to co-author a number of peer-reviewed articles for nutrition and exercise journals, taught exercise physiology for undergraduates, and have given multiple seminars on nutrition and training topics for bodybuilding and powerlifting. 

I created Team Nomad with the intent to provide a science and evidence-driven approach to strength and nutrition coaching for powerlifters and bodybuilders. It is my desire to guide and develop stronger, more capable athletes by allowing science, observation, and practical experience to govern systems of best practice for the athletes in my charge.


Justin’s attention to detail and genuine concern for his athletes cultivates the intimate and prosperous experience that is Team Nomad...[his] transparent methods have allowed me to feel equally responsible and involved with every aspect of my progress.
— Ashley Asuncion
Justin’s scientific approach to training and nutrition, combined with strategic decision making means you’ll achieve your goals — whatever they may be — in a way that suits your lifestyle. If you are ready to put in the work, contact Nomad Training Systems; you won’t regret it.
— Jonathan Igartua
Justin did not simply tell me what to do; he taught me how to manage my own body...and what it means to trust and have confidence in myself...I’ve worked with several coaches in the past, but Justin is the only one who has left me feeling as though I no longer need a coach.
— Sarah Armstrong
Justin is SO incredibly intelligent in regards to health and wellness, and easily one of the most supportive and encouraging people I have ever met...if you’re in need of nutritional guidance/coaching, contest prep in all strength/performance sports, etc., I would strongly recommend reaching out.
— Andrew Jones