Credit: Titan Media Designs

Credit: Titan Media Designs

Physique athlete coaching

Physique athlete coaching is for both in- or off-season physique competitors. Competition preparation encompasses the entirety of your path to the stage - from the pre-contest period, all the way to a safe and deliberate post-show recovery phase. We will work cooperatively to develop and manipulate practical, evidence-based nutrition, training, and cardio interventions, ensuring that you present your best possible physique onstage. This includes weekly check-ins, nutrition and training organization, and peaking programming for competition.


strength athlete coaching

Strength athlete coaching is designed with powerlifters in mind, and is your choice for either in- or off-season programming. We recognize that the internal and external environments of the strength athlete are dynamic and undulating. Therefore, we believe in developing an individual, evidence-driven training approach for every athlete to assure optimal training, improve performance on the platform, and build a bigger total. We will also ensure that a sound nutrition and recovery strategy elicits your best performance on game day, and in the appropriate weight class.


Non-Competitive/General coaching

Not everyone has the desire to compete, and we fully support the body composition and performance-based goals of non-competitive athletes. Non-competitive/generalized coaching clients can choose to pursue nutrition or training interventions independently or concurrently. This general weekly coaching service guarantees the same level of care and attention to your nutrition and training protocol as with our competitive athletes. Whether you're interested in fat loss or muscle gain; new to the iron or well into your journey - general coaching has you covered.



Chris Reed, MAT, ATC, CSCS

Chris Reed offers a referral-based wellness consulting service to NTS athletes. He provides physiology and rehabilitation expertise for pain and injury prevention, management, and improvement, including exercise prescription and movement programming.

Chris holds a bachelor's degree in Kinesiology from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and a master's degree in Athletic Training from the University of Arkansas. Chris has worked with various athlete populations, including youth, college, and professional athletes, and works with non-competitive clients in his own practice.